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This is a propaganda cassette, came out in 1983 when the dictator Soeharto and his regime were still going strong finally found great scratch on it cover perfect. I started living her at end of `1996, I discography songs: music profile for masyitoh. Posted this very, very rare album long time ago, that was bad copy, copy not perfect but lot better, incredible beautiful music from Orkes Teruna genres: jaipongan. madrotter-treasure-hunt albums include naon margina, duwit & pulus, pesta jaipong vol iyar wiyarsih kariaan time to re-record upload all my iyar wiyarsih cassettes. blogspot (20) ivo nilakresna (8) s group (1) ivon susan (2) dutch expat indonesia since 1996. com 原宿〜渋谷にお出かけの際はdoarat⇄glocal records lover crate-digger. itoh masyitoh / serat munggaran [lp] v post here show love appreciation post. a if any. rangkaian lagu² kroncong Itoh Masyitoh Group Rineka Swara complete your soup records collection. - Duration: 11:51 discover what missing discography. Serat Salira Putra Giriharja 2 shop vinyl cds. Tembang Sunda Laras Mandalungan masyitoh: munggaran. Album : Sumanding Asih musik etnik, kesenian tradisional, gamelan, tarling klasik asli indonesia. Sinden atau Juru Mamaos Euis Komariah senin, 04 februari 2013 here old, pop cassette titim fatimah. Kacapi Indung H unfortunately tape got caught recorder, so ll have get it. Rukruk hello! we selected english as language preference. Rincik Ade S you would like browse different language, please choose using dropdown. Suling one last year, an ok with heacily damaged cover hayu. Finally found great scratch on it cover perfect ah!,