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The league’s letter concludes by saying: “Accordingly, having considered the points in your letter, the Committee will continue to work in the best interests of the League and report its work to the full ownership.”

BEFORE ENVISIONING AN NFL without Goodell, Jones needed him in it. More than a decade ago in a league meeting, Jones stood before his fellow owners and, in the words of an executive in the room, "all but begged" for a loan. The price tag had skyrocketed on his $ billion AT&T Stadium, and he needed more cash from the league's G3 loan program. Jones also knew that many owners were angry with him; years earlier, he had disposed of thousands of seats at Texas Stadium and replaced them with club suites, trading revenue shareable with visiting teams' owners for money that went straight into his own pocket. So on this day, he told owners that he realized what he had done was unfair -- but that he was building a stadium that would be a great showplace for the NFL and needed tens of millions in additional loans.